The Place

Silliness stops when you settle in and realize some time is wasted.

It’s time that is priceless

We look for answers when we don’t set goals

We look for answers to our goals when we feel stuck

It’s been sticking season

I’ve been stuck

Silliness ensues when you lose focus and accept self limiting beliefs

I can’t think beyond this place and time

It’s time that is priceless

We set goals

We run from mistakes

It’s been sticking season

I’ve been stuck



The fashion is interesting. 

Bracelets to Notebooks are a trend I enjoy.

It’s not a small thing. 

Having one site that has it all would be ideal.

So I’ll create my fashion and share it with the readers.

Bracelets, journals, planners, sketchbooks, socks and messenger bags will be a thing.

Coming soon


Ranting For A Dollar


We are in the mindset to change the past with the present past

The way of thinking is clouded with the thoughts we are worthy


Aren’t we worthy?

Hold on …

We are caught up in the thoughts that we are worthy

And change must happen

The vagueness of our identities are played out on the social stage

We stand for causes that mean nothing to us

We voice concerns to be seen not heard

What is this America?

What has this America become?

Our morals were created

Change is a cycle

We fight for causes $$$

We want change

We sell our cross to bear fame

6 seconds

15 seconds

The price of being worthy

Is set at a price …

How much do you cost?




A time to love. Well more or less a feeling. The hardship of the process of love is the key to building a loving feeling. A disconnection causes issues that normally, normal people don’t overcome. This is a; I deserve nation. Everybody deserves something. But nobody wants to admit that they need to give something. So we are here playing with the idea of love as we define it. No give take, just a take and give me more.
Taking a huge leap of faith here…

I love you…
Shit hold on…

I will show you…

Pen down. Hands held open. I’ll hug you…

Kiss you gently and say I love you …

I’ll give you all of me. I’ll trust you



Visions of you is all I see


I need you …

In a time where love is defined through words. We must find out actions. We must risk our fears, to embrace our wants and needs…



When I’ve said in the past I wanted 

I’ve made up my mind and got it 

When I’ve studied the game

I’ve become an allstar

Now that I’m a veteran 

It’s time to gain that hunger that I once had









Let’s go

Let’s get after it

I love the challenge 

I have created 


Let’s go

Let’s get after it