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On Deck!!!!





Mind Games

As we step on the court it’s clear that I’m bigger than the person guarding me. It’s clear that I’m not the youngest or fastest. The other players on the court seem ready to play while I tie my shoes. Check ball. The game starts slowly, each team testing the others defense out. Shots going up, brink by brink. Finally a bucket is made. Players moving around, the guy I’m guarding catches fire and suddenly we are down 4-0. Full court is taking a toll on me already not stretching, no warm ups. Yea the excuses in my head starting to slowly show face. But I clamp up. I’m not going to be the reason we lose, I’m going to foul him or bully him but we not losing cause of me. We slowly start making a comeback, 7-6 game up to 12. My back is on fire! I can’t run this full court like I thought I could when watching college basketball earlier. This isn’t a hobby like I used to play and have energy for days in college and high school. These kids are running like the cops are chasing them. Back and forth and scoring moving. Something like watching the Suns or Warriors play. I’m here feeling like I need that playoff basketball a slow half court pace, in which I rest. But the game goes on, we are within reach, 8-10 as the pace of the game is finally slowing down. You know when the game gets intense and the thought of you losing starts to become reality. Shouting at teammates, don’t let them shoot a three. And every drive to the lane a foul is called. This is the pace I can actually play at. Find myself moving more, posting up, calling for the ball and finding the open cutter. I hit a three, the score is 10-10. A win is in sight. A win is a must. I fouled homie, cause he not making a no type of game winning shot on me. Nah chill. So they get the ball back and miss. I grab the rebound look up and pass the rock to an open teammate 11-10 we are up. We just need to play defense like we did last time. The pressure or good defense either way we get a stop… Game time… The ball in the hands of our shooter and man that kid wanted to win. We are up one and only need one point. But the ice in his veins was pressing for a three. The shot goes up and boom nothing but net. We win 13-10… At that moment as soon as the game ends, my body was like we done… And I walk off the court a tired hurting winner…
Shower …. Food …. And some sleep please …