The Place

Silliness stops when you settle in and realize some time is wasted.

It’s time that is priceless

We look for answers when we don’t set goals

We look for answers to our goals when we feel stuck

It’s been sticking season

I’ve been stuck

Silliness ensues when you lose focus and accept self limiting beliefs

I can’t think beyond this place and time

It’s time that is priceless

We set goals

We run from mistakes

It’s been sticking season

I’ve been stuck



The fashion is interesting. 

Bracelets to Notebooks are a trend I enjoy.

It’s not a small thing. 

Having one site that has it all would be ideal.

So I’ll create my fashion and share it with the readers.

Bracelets, journals, planners, sketchbooks, socks and messenger bags will be a thing.

Coming soon



In the beginning of the relationship reasons were created. It was never about the money, it was about enjoying the moment. Building in those moments. And then reasons changed. It became about the money. The lack of money, the self sabotage thinking money would be the issue. Reasons were created to disconnect. The lack of involvement created more reasons. These reasons ushered in more doubts and fears. The relationship lacked the connection needed to survive…

  • Listen to those fears and talk about them with your partner 
  • Doubt and fear paralyze a relationship
  • If your partner liked you for the money you don’t need them 
  • If your partner inspires you to try and encourages your every step, learn to be humble and say “I appreciate you” often
  • No self pity it’s petty and you’re grown 
  • Take control of your life… Accept the love that is offered … Be thankful

What Does 

Searching for you repeatedly 

Skip tracks just in search of you

Playlist one track

Just in search of you 


Damaging the player

Evolving into 







The mentions of 

The chatter was

The communication … Well

Breathe …

I am here for you 

I want you here with me 

Help me understand 

Breathe …

Breathe …

Breathe …

The mentions of 

As She Sits

So I decide to sell my iPad and I have a buyer

We arrange to meet up at the local Starbucks

And as we chat business I see her sitting 

Anxious I rush the process 




He buys 

I then focus my attention on her sitting 

I grab some water, sit next to her and introduce myself

Hi, I’m Jay, I’ve just had my heart broken can you offer some advice