Back To Business

The deals are always out there. The hustle is always upon us. The gifts to share with others are priceless. Back to business, in my many attempts to grow a business I seem to start over. With the urge to do better with the next idea. These ideas come often and usually stay around until the fire dies. Why does this lack of commitment happen I often ask myself, but quickly forget as I am on to the next idea.

Back to business again. Foxtrail Clothing Company. Well that went 30 days and died. But the clothing concept was fire. I swear the ideas were on point. The jacket, joggers and hem tees were going to be a hit. Hold on, how much for the set? Well pricing was going to be $55 for a windbreaker jacket, $30 for the joggers and $15 for the hem tees. Foxtrail clothing was going to be a hit. (Orders bulk from China and sadly found out that large wasn’t a US large.) Instead of sticking with the idea, the passion died. Nothing became of Foxtrail.

Back to business though. Bracelets and Laces. The idea was simple; team the wrist with sneakers. Well I’m a sneakerhead and with a good sense of wrist fashion. Selling laces and adding gold tips. At that time Kanye West sneakers had the gold tips, and it was a hot item. So jumping on that fashionable trend I decided to market bracelets and laces, plus gold and black tips for the laces. Genius. The bracelets were a hit. People bought them and enjoyed that fashion. The laces never had a chance. Feeling that I needed both to consider this a good business, that fire burned out. Bracelets and Laces flamed out.

The ideas to start a business is always the passion. Having setbacks seems to always hit hard and moving on from those ideas instead of working it out is a problem. Once having the success of SoleShoecase and The Epic Sports Show fadeaway I have always in a way tried to get that same passion back. Reviewing sneakers, while podcasting about sports seems to meet my life long dreams. Forgetting how to much I need that hustle back I look to sit-down and write.

The Dyme was suppose to be a weekly podcast about all things basketball. Looking at the clock every Thursday 8pm I’d find myself at the gym or working overtime. The feeling of recording wasn’t driving me. I needed to find that passion again. Time to excuse myself from the excuses of why. Find a way to become the person I’ve always wanted to be.

Back to the business of writing, blogging or I like to say jotting. WordPress on my phone. I find a song and zone out too. Currently Silence – They. on heavy repeat until this post is done. I found my ave and I jot. Tackling ideas with words, writing and writing. The feeling to release. Sadly often these stay in my draft inbox, never shared. But now seems like a good time to put the pen and pad aside and publish Jottersave. Show the world a Mad Jotter. The many thoughts to share. Writers write. It’s random but it’s something you need to read.

The deals are always out there. The hustle is always upon us. The gifts to share with others are priceless. Back to business, in my many attempts to grow a business I seem to start over. Back to the business of sharing thoughts. The Mad Jotter Presents: Something you should read often…


You Suck Badly And You’re Good

I’m in a place where blogging is both good and bad. Like sometimes you dive in and write about earth shattering events and how they truly effect the human landscape. How actions speak louder than words. How change is needed, and self preservation is granted within our minds. How the powers
that be will suppress the weak. And not only the strong survive, but the greedy do truly deserve more than the rest. How scared money actually makes banks rich. And investing in your 401k doesn’t guarantee a large payday. How the scam of colleges, inspires personal growth, but business is good and education is business. But there are moments when blogging doesn’t need much of a reason. Where writing becomes a hobby and anything is allowed. And these are the times I write about feelings in no particular order… No particular reason… Just write and rant … Complaining about the complements of love. Complementing the complaints of dating, and dating the complainer… Senseless yet it effects us… Me not you then you not me… We become one… Then two… Then annoying… Very annoying … I like being annoying and dislike being annoyed… But it shows you care if you annoy me… Randomly ranting… About feelings good or bad… Good or bad writing… Good or bad blogs… Horrible… Yet poetic… Poetry… Maybe it was the color-way… Token on display… And yet we say … Speak your mind… Good or bad… Your opinion… You suck badly and you’re good… And you keep writing… We keep reading… Addicted to the bravery of somebody willing to blog, willing to write… We might hate it, we might like it… But we keep reading… Each blah moment and each humanistic moment… Keep writing…