The fashion is interesting. 

Bracelets to Notebooks are a trend I enjoy.

It’s not a small thing. 

Having one site that has it all would be ideal.

So I’ll create my fashion and share it with the readers.

Bracelets, journals, planners, sketchbooks, socks and messenger bags will be a thing.

Coming soon



Bracelet Season 

With the trendy uprise of smart watches the season is in full swing for the epic return of agate bracelets. Understand that the fashion trends change but can stay pretty basic. Bracelets offer a timeless trend, and give character for any occasion. Take a look at the point of view of a Sneakerhead. Sneakers match bracelets, and often create a style worthy of conversation. The dapper gentlemen can also identify with the need to accessorize. Take a look at the store and join in the timeless trend of bracelet season:


When I can’t seem to think of words to write I jot thinks that might be words I can write about. Hidden in this brain cell, these words look to escape and be freed. They look to become past, present and future jargon. Something somebody enjoys reading, while they too ponder their creative genius…

Date night

We sat 

We spoke 

We gazed

We slept

I want so badly too

Well too be

Or not

But more likely

I’d like to be

Unknown Issues

Note: we are dealing with a pathological liar. Someone who knows how to be charming, a player in this game of life. But a confusion in mentality, a scared man who hides behind a smile. Don’t get close, he is methodical in how he wants you to see him. Standby, as he uses social settings as a stage, making him a better actor. Beware of the questions, your movements, the scene is set. A master of ceremony, the director of a perfect scene. Action, cut, stop rewind, take two. This isn’t real it’s a reel he plays over and over. You’re being played. Watch him but be careful, we have seen many hurt by the charm. The antisocial disorder longs for acceptance. But being accepted is the most uncomfortable feeling. Something isn’t right, the past can’t be reset. Regrets creep up and slowly the man pushes away. He is digressing. Something is off, nobody can offer this much happiness. Watch him. Confused with his own feelings. He is displaced. This isn’t the scene from the movie he created. Happiness wasn’t the overcome. Self loathing, grief, heartache, depression was the outcome… Wait how can somebody who offers a smile and a good time be so withdrawn? We search for answers and all we find is unknown issues…



Bye Me

The trust game. Most have to understand that you’re all about the learning and the doing… Something in that statement made sense. Somewhere in that sentence I made sense… Well, if I didn’t follow me on this ride of senseless chatter…

We work and while I don’t like working I do what I enjoy. The charm is a gift, you’re cursed with it, or blessed without it. The potential is the view that others have of you. The guidance is the team you pick to grow that potential seed. Now back to starting this titled post: Bye Me… Learning what I know now. The suppliers are going to get paid. What are you going to do to get that pot? The biggest companies in the world, know marketing to influencers will get the buys. Most are sheep led by wolves. Follow me here. The insulting of your intelligence has always been a good paying job. The more simple we make it, the more likely you are to buy.


No, wait comeback continue reading… Logic!… Supply me with want, and I’ll turn it into need. The desires are controlled by ego.

Bye, Bye!

Wait really! Wait honestly… You’d have a better time if the ego was stroked… This product looks great on you. Buy it cause everybody else is doing it… Buy it cause that famous person has it. Buy it cause you’re nothing without it… Buy it cause it will boost your self-esteem… Buy it cause there is no such thing as product placement… Bye Me, we’ve bought you…

Bye Me… Status is the trend and bye me is the fashion needed to run this train of us, we, our… Influencing the Us to be greater by investing in ourselves. Investing in education, investing in style, investing in social media. Bye me.  The many They that influence us, get paid… We are branded by the idea of cool… The door aren’t see through. They sit backstage and discuss style… Wear this they will buy this… Bye Me… The influencers influencing you being bought by them… Be careful of saying bye to who you are just to fit in and feel comfortable. Buy into you! Bye Them…