The fashion is interesting. 

Bracelets to Notebooks are a trend I enjoy.

It’s not a small thing. 

Having one site that has it all would be ideal.

So I’ll create my fashion and share it with the readers.

Bracelets, journals, planners, sketchbooks, socks and messenger bags will be a thing.

Coming soon



Offered Free Shipping 

What was I thinking about offering free shipping? When I was thinking out loud it sounded like I was a hot rapper, and I just spit a fire bar! Now that the orders are coming in, this free shipping is a great tool to have when sales are slow. But my goal of selling 10 items a day has quickly changed into finding the time to ship these items. Bracelet Season is in full swing. Thank you to the community of supporters. With this on going support, a complaint about free shipping is a good thing.  


When I can’t seem to think of words to write I jot thinks that might be words I can write about. Hidden in this brain cell, these words look to escape and be freed. They look to become past, present and future jargon. Something somebody enjoys reading, while they too ponder their creative genius…

Date night

We sat 

We spoke 

We gazed

We slept

I want so badly too

Well too be

Or not

But more likely

I’d like to be