Nike Tour

As I embark on my trip to Nike. I look back at the many sneakers I’ve collected. The countless lines I’ve stood in, just to but heartbroken when they say my size is gone. The hype of going to and seeing the new realizes. All this has brought me to this point in my life. The epic visit, the tour of the greatest company in the world. The sneakerheads Mecca.

Currently I am sitting in the LAX airport awaiting the departure of flight 2077 headed to Portland. Bored out my mind, I’ve listened to my own raps, I’ve snapped about being in LAX, but my excitement for Portland shines bright. The dream is coming true and I’m kind of freelancing this blog in hopes time will speed up. My mind is asking me a lot of questions like; what happens after the tour? What will I want to concur next? Will I cop the Nike Foamposites Pro, will I get a discount? Will my crush for Nike end in Beaverton, Oregon? Too many questions to be answered in this airport terminal. Right now all I can do is wait. Hold on I’m hungry wheres the food?





Sizes Available: 7-13, 14, 15

Black/Black/White 624041-006

Additional sizes available on Big Kid 3.5Y – 7Y (644792-006) $180

Little Kid 11C – 3Y (843755-006) $100

Toddler 2C – 10C (843769-006) $75

Infant Gift Pack 1C – 4C (643145-006) $50


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