Carmelo Anthony


It’s time for the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony to part ways. While the Knicks seem to have a promising future, Carmelo Anthony is not going to be a part of it. With the free agent signing of Jennings, Rose and Noah, the Knicks are still struggling to win in a weak Eastern Conference. Phil Jackson has not been able to lure top free agents or implement the triangle offense. Melo is rotting away in New York and might be too stubborn to see it.

The New York Knicks want to win, they just can’t attract the talent to encourage winning. One of the biggest stars in the game can’t embrace leaving a city that means so much to him. Carmelo is a great player on a forever rebuilding Knicks roster. The writing is on the wall, but he will not see it. Kris taps Porzingis is the future of the Knicks and right now it’s all about featuring him as the centerpiece. Melo is turning into the old superstar.


Phil Jackson wants to rebuild the Knicks around KP. Melo is stopping this process from happening. While the Knicks are going to have a playoff bound season, they don’t have an elite playoff roster. This team currently might win 45 games, but they are a first round exist at best. Melo alone can change this, Phil is trying to throw hints that Melo should want out. But Melo is too stubborn to ask for a trade, valuing his love for New York City or winning.


Melo is doomed for his greatness, he will be a Hall of Famer but with no rings. A great triple threat post, but a guy that always played in the shadows of the 2003 NBA Draft. A talented superstar with 4 goal medals is what Melo will be remembered for. Carmelo Anthony is too stubborn to realize what Kevin Durant did. If you can’t beat them join them.

What is Melo’s trade value?





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