Trump Card

The Trump card is in full effect. Donald Trump has gained political power by saying what the people want to hear. His rise to power was the change people think that want. How did this happen when the media seemed to show nobody wanted Trump to be President? Because President Elect Donald Trump talked to rural America. Those people wanted to be heard and felt no other political heard them. That’s right the Democratic Party ignored them throughout the election. So in many ways Trump was the answer.

180216257-homeless-man-sleeps-under-an-american-flag-blanket-on-a.jpg.CROP.cq5dam_web_1280_1280_jpeg.jpgRural America was and still is the unseen demographic that the media does not seem to talk about. Media outlets talk about and show the racist and uneducated people in rural America. While many of them supported Trump, the media did not highlight the poor Americans that wanted change. Many of those poor Americans live in rural America. Ohio and Michigan have some of the highest poverty cities in America and those two states choice Trump. Why? East Cleveland, Ohio and Benton Harbor, Michigan for example have a property rate over 40%. Who was addressing their needs, wants and desires? Trump emerged as the ideal candidate because he promised jobs and promised to make America great again. It’s not hard to imagine why many came out and voted for him.


Addressing Donald Trump’s promises is what scares those opposing Trump. While media focused on the discriminatory and disrespectful statements Trump made, rural America focused on the promise. To them America was not great and since 2007, when the economic turmoil cost millions to lose their jobs and property, America has not recovered. Jobs were moved overseas, and/or jobs were taken due to the advancement of technology, many Americans felt hopeless. They felt their voice was not heard. So how could the Democratic Party fail? Why aren’t media outlets focusing on reuniting a divided America? So many questions are going to be answered in the next 4 years.

While questions and outrage will continue to happen. Rural America is in a unique position, they believe their concerns will be addressed. What happens if rural America rises and poverty goes down, will Donald Trump continue to usher in a new form of government? Will the Democrats learn how to include rural America next election process? Americans will always want a change for better. As we question his intent;  will President Elect Donald Trump have a positive effect on the economy as a whole and give rural America the answers they want?



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