In the beginning of the relationship reasons were created. It was never about the money, it was about enjoying the moment. Building in those moments. And then reasons changed. It became about the money. The lack of money, the self sabotage thinking money would be the issue. Reasons were created to disconnect. The lack of involvement created more reasons. These reasons ushered in more doubts and fears. The relationship lacked the connection needed to survive…

  • Listen to those fears and talk about them with your partner 
  • Doubt and fear paralyze a relationship
  • If your partner liked you for the money you don’t need them 
  • If your partner inspires you to try and encourages your every step, learn to be humble and say “I appreciate you” often
  • No self pity it’s petty and you’re grown 
  • Take control of your life… Accept the love that is offered … Be thankful

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