Write Much 

The question is what is holding you back. Well then the excuses come to mind. The doubts, the fears, the what ifs. All in the mind holding on to the fear of is. The procrastination of the present or future. The mirroring of the past. The whole ordeal to life. What is holding me back. The upbringing, the mental mistakes. The wishing I should’ve, the wishing I should. The hope that died with age or the growing hope that does when we feel mortal. How does one learn to truly love themselves and forgive themselves. The openness to cry, the comforting of ones self without depressing the points of validity. And knowing the answer as to what’s holding us back, how does one overcome the mental hold. The fears we must face. We must conquer our self proclaimed weaknesses. The inner strength must grow. The self doubt must shed. The embarrassment of self pity must die with our new growth. We must acknowledge our success and embrace our truths. Embrace our willingness to shape ourselves into what we truly envision. 1st we must answer the question with honesty. What is holding us back. My unwillingness to forgive myself, the self pity and the lack of responsibility taken for actions. 2nd hoe do you forgive yourself. You mentality have to be aware of the traps you mind plays on you. When in doubt and feel that self guilty and pity coming into play. Be aware of the feeling and breathe in and ask your self why you are feeling this way. Identify when you are feeling these feelings and how often and when and where they occur. Lastly do understand feelings are moments they too pass. We are not the moment. We are moments in time. Forgive yourself by self I love you. You deserve happiness. We will obtain happiness… 




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