Love Needs Communication

It’s come to my attention that people give horrible advice about love. Like somebody else can breakdown your relationship. Like their opinion matters most of all. While we have people in place to give great advice, not everybody understands the advice they are giving can create doubt, and not encourage growth. This is what is wrong with having blanket communication, meaning that a couple goes outside of a relationship to fix what they easily can talk about. The thought process and the holding in of grudges creates hostility. The mental state of our selfish ways creates divide. Thus advice is sought after. Now getting advice isn’t always bad. Applied knowledge is what we are losing, also the advice given isn’t good. The process in which we breakdown information isn’t correct.

Let’s break it down. If a friend or advisor is giving you advice about your relationship, who’s best interest is at heart? If you think yours, you’re correct. The person is talking to you, and advising you about the topic you brought to the table, and a selfish quality in us wants them to see our point of view. Who’s better than a 3rd party to provide that view. What we now do to our relationship is often strain it. The friend and/or advisor is now the in the relationship, they will comfort you the individual not the couple. Granted not all advice is bad. But people are getting the wrong advice about love. Instead of sharing your ideals with your partner, they are being influenced by a friend and/or advisor. Whether we are reading books about love, or listening to somebody speak about it. Couples aren’t taking the time to invest in each other. We know we have to invest in ourselves, to improve any relationship.

The issue is the lack of investing in our relationships. While we work hard to improve social status. We aren’t working as hard to improve our relationships. How do we do that, since love advice is horrible. Well we get back to basics. What started out easy and then become hard. We got wrapped on in thinking we know our partner and pretending their every thought that we lost our voices. The relationship advice needs to be simple, talk to your partner, while getting something off your chest is hard at times, figure out how to handle the discomfort and that will create a better bond. Reading and taking advice are great tools to use, but the best way to keep a relationship healthy and maintain the relationship is to communicate. Setup time to talk to each other, instead of guessing what the other is thinking.

People are giving horrible advice about love. And while some of the information is good, often it’s not helpful, because what they think is wrong with your relationship is your perceived belief. It might not actually be what’s wrong with your relationship.  A couple that communicates usually is a happier couple.


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