I Want To Be A Good Person

I want to be a good person and I do all these things that seem good but really I’m just being human. Not a bad person but just things I’m doing to stay lowkey productive. No idea what makes a good person, a good person. Maybe actions they do in front of me so I can judge them. But other than that there isn’t a definition to define good person. Like is a law abiding citizen a good person? Do they ever break the law and not get caught? Or if a good person gets caught breaking the law are they tainted forever as a bad person? Can you act good and be bad? I do want to be a good person, but sometimes I do bad things and feel good about it. Does that make me a bad person? If I act good and don’t really mean it am I a bad person? Am I good because somebody else says I’m good? Or can I just be a good person cause I think and feel good? Anyways I want to be a good person. And it’s the journey not the thought. Actions would be better than words unless the intent is wrong… Being a good person is … Both a self knowing and a public showing…


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