Most Feared

I walk in sit down its a weekly thing now. I want to better understand myself so please dissect me. Not in the pleasurable way, some cold hard facts. I want to truly understand what I am doing.
So to truly understand what it is you are doing first you need to want to hear the truth. You need to embrace the truth about yourself. And it’s something you understand but won’t face. Are you interested in facing your faults?
I accept my faults but I don’t know how to accept how these are my faults and how to correct these faults. So please take pleasure in breaking me down. Please understand that my job is to cater to people and understand what it is they like/dislike. I know actually how to dissect them, in that I gain status at my job. And this learned skill causes chaos in my personal life. Help me understand the difference and how to compartmentalize.
So the sessions begin…



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