Connection Lost

When did the inflection of our words inflict pain?
Ex: You KNOW!!!! I love you, I think ?!???

When did we decide that society had to be formatted?
Ex: Please don’t embarrass me by asking questions, just pretend you understand.

When did we start encouraging manipulation through feelings?
Ex: You know I love you right?!? You know I love you more each day right! You know this…

When was the last time you enjoyed an unbiased conversation?
Ex: I honestly can’t remember…

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be you?
Ex: You know when you freely are expressing yourself and feel no doubt at all… Just you being you…

We think and feel way too much, that it blinds us from communication. We aren’t trying to understand where the other person is coming from, we just understand. We swear we understand. We think about feelings logically, how one expresses themselves and cater to the other persons feelings? Instead of an ongoing conversation and continued learning, we assume we know it all. We think what if this was me? Instead of asking. We generate feelings then we pass them along as their feelings. Basically guessing, selfish. And we think this is selfless. This is empty empathy. This isn’t embracing humanity. We are out of touch with connection and in touch with synthetic emotions such as manufactured empathy. Which is taught and mastered, and marketed to be perfected. Major companies use these techniques to keep consumers consuming. We buy and then if we don’t like the product we feel guilty returning it, the term buyers remorse. Why is that a thing? Whom do we feel sad for? And how does society teach us? Why is it that we hardly question a purchase, but questionnaires are filled out for a return. We are so in touch with making ourselves feel good that we allow others to manipulate us. We don’t ask enough questions to allow for subjectivity. We create feelings for others and act like its their feelings. The connection is lost. The art of questioning for understanding is vague. We are too emotionally invested in ourselves to truthfully offer empathy. Honestly, this is what we teach our youth. This is what they grow up thinking things have more value than humanity. And how is this benefiting society? More jobs, more competitive wages, more greed. Plus the ability to understand what somebody else is feeling, without even knowing. We don’t want to be honest, we just don’t want to hurt anybodies feeling. Or we can’t be honest we don’t want to hurt our own feelings…

No opinion matters more than your opinion
Voicing your opinion doesn’t mean you don’t care
It’s your opinion and it matters
Voice your opinion
Or be that person faking empathy cause you think you’re empathetic



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