Story Time

Let’s write a story. A couple of ideas, jotting them down. One is about a man trying to figure out life, the other is about a woman trying to figure out men. Well let’s see, the man is just coming into his own, and this female is just realizing the difference between good and bad. The plot, this guy is searching for any value that presents itself. Kind of lost in a world where values are shallow. The girl, she is coming to terms that not all men are worthy to be trusted. Similar in many ways. A boy unwarned of the worlds dangerous traps, and a lady trying to miss those traps… Let’s write a story about a couple of things that happen to this man and female along their journey to understanding life and well self value… It’s pretty much a love story. A inner peace, but more substance is needed… More in between the lines… Clarifying the similarities between the male and female… Let’s tell a story where love is found, life is lived, and answers are met… A couple ideas come to mind… Let’s write this story…



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