Letters From The Heart

I started writing more and submitting my work to publishing companies, with rejection emails replies, my return to greatness isn’t seen just yet. I need to keep submitting my work. Whether it be blogs or written work from my iPad I’ve decided that my writing needs a platform. While WordPress offers that platform I want to get paid for this genius. Insert Publishing Genius Press a small publishing company, that gets a flood of my submissions, finally provided feedback. Write more. Maybe it was one of the best rejection letters I’ve gotten but man it was inspiring. Write More. I’m sure it said more but what stood out was write more. So I’ve been writing my ass off. Short stories and poems. Just anything that comes to mind. Submitting more too. Sometimes it’s all you need, just somebody to offer a spark. Not looking at things from a money standpoint, just looking at things from an encouraging place. Maybe they got a new rejection letter writing expert, but man just those words write more provided stamina to keep writing. Maybe I’m not the greatest writer, but shit I’m good and I want to be heard. While Publishing Genius Press doesn’t know who I am yet, they will know that they helped inspire a well known writer. Saving these words: Write more, and with that I will keep writing…



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