Falling In Love

Falling in love for all the wrong reasons. Well reasons that we think we should be falling in love are all wrong. The movies have us believing that  love is a script. And we fall in love with that thought, right time and right place. Soundtrack, and good casting have us believing that love is defined with a purpose. Not so fast. Then we have music that brings us to a place where the mood is right and everything is so touching. The melody matching the words are lovely and present, and then love is shown in its truest form. But then again not so fast. Love is undefined, it’s uncommon that everybody has the same love story. Love is a building block meaning its a start of a journey. Learning to love is the journey most aren’t willing to take. We often look at other relationships as a model of that perfect love. Seriously not so fast. While it’s nice to appreciate other peoples love, learning how to love is most important.
So how does one fall in love?
Well here’s a theory; you untie your shoes and start running, sure a couple people might notice your shoes are untied but don’t stop to tie them. Run faster, embrace the risk involved in falling. Sure you might trip up, and fall, but get back up and start running again and if you’re persistent, you might fall in front of love. Preferably, you’ll both be on the ground trying to get back up, and just in that moment you’d realize, damn I fell in love…



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