Too Be …

Im doing it again. As I sit in this room filled with people I might know, and people I might not talk to I begin to engaged in what others are doing. My sudden interests draw me to the corner of the room. This is a party and yet somebody isn’t partying. Friends begin to encourage fellowship with others, and a cup is passed. Slowly watching this person interact with others is interesting. Arms closed, head down, eyes aren’t making contact. While this is shy for some, it’s a very telling sign of something bigger. What people my try to hide usually comes out in body language.
The body leaning against the wall. The friends disperse, leaving this person alone again. The phone is pulled out, and maybe a time check or a missed text, but it’s not out for long before somebody enters the room. Now in this moment panic sets on their face. A nervous smile and the cup is gulped. Exiting to the bathroom, I’m presuming to escape from the new guest. Friends point to the spot, question where that person went. A hand is placed on the new persons chest as if to ask politely to behave.
Slowly a conversation starts to happen after exiting from the bathroom, another cup is coming. And that face that seemed to be panicking is now calmer. A hug is shared and slowly the new guest makes their rounds and finds their way to the corner. They both sit and again the lack of eye contact makes me wonder this guests relevance. I get up to get a better view, really just to gather any type of conversation they are involved in. And too my surprise they are discussing…



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