People Watching

People watching
In this venue
It’s all eyes on you
And what you do
As they do what they do
Reality view
It’s them watching you
Expressions on faces
Movements to places
And this radio music will do
People watching
In this venue
Will do

Can we get some popcorn and a comfy seat? Cause this coming attraction is going to be a good one. As the mind prepares to create a plot, people are transforming into characters. And this excitement causes … The build … I don’t drink coffee, but what can be learned from a crowded coffee scene?
Act one: please place your order
Mr. Short Knees. As he steps up next, saying; Hmm my order is, two large cups of the stuff with the fluff my lady date wants me to try.
“Is that all?”
“Your order will be up shortly, sir.”
As he waits for his order he glances over smiling to see if his date has found seating. Indeed she has, she returns the smile as if to acknowledge that both are completing their end of an arrangement. As she sits and waits for her returned date, she glances at her iPhone 5. Reply, reply… They seem like a young couple fresh out of college, about to plan out the rest of their day.
“Mr. Short Knees, your order is ready”
“Thank you”
Grabbing the drinks, Short makes his way to Ashley Ankles. He hands her a cup and sips his before sitting down.
“This is a lot of sugar, don’t you think?”
“No it’s just enough, it’s it good though?”
“I must admit it is, like candy and coffee”
“Yes my favorite”
They both take a moment and sip the candy flavored coffee, looking into each other’s eyes.
Cut, wait… That was amazing the slow build, the table finding, the ordering of the coffee for two. The smiling at each other. The small talk. The connection. The moment they locked eyes. That 8 minute scene was… Epic… Where is my iPad? I need to write this down. The guy looking nerdy, with shorts on and is short. The girl wearing a sundress and her ankles need lotion. They just make for a good couple. They have that reality chemistry, that you write about. Something about them and that eye lock is too important to miss…
Act Two… No I think I’ll end it with act one…



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