Creativity Captivity

Jotting madly to point out things that make no sense. Well, it’s all kind of a lot of mind blowing sense. I think it’s just an imagination gone wild. The ideas are gripping and edge defying, well the journey is… It’s a difficult process to study about writing.
Writing in many ways is how we express to others how we feel. Or how instructions are articulated. Writers don’t tend to look for readers. Readers are drawn to what they enjoy about the writer, they create a fan base by sharing. Writers write what comes naturally. Views are shared so studying this art makes it possibly impossible unless you understand what you, the writer, gains from material studied or thought ventured. The challenge I would like to face head on is, becoming a better writer. Believing that I write well enough to publish my artistic thoughts is mighty bold of me. But always challenging that writing aspect is stressful. Freely writing to capture a thought and/or idea doesn’t seem to allow constructive writing (writing with a purpose). Looking to capture that one wild idea and let go of the others is a bit heartbreaking. As a Jotter everything is open to write about and as a writer subjects are ideas constructed into literature. Like; it’s hard to write about sports, and wars unless I’m finding a way to compare or contrast them. I like sports and don’t know enough about wars. But I can rant about both in a blog setting and babble on and on and on…

The ideas of a Mad Jotter… Just the short stories and poems edition… Many times I will write a page, critique it, enjoy the love of it, and tell myself I’m an awesome writer. When finding the time to allow my greatness to shine, I will blog just to give my mind a rest. Kind of a reality check, you haven’t sold your book full of words to many people that enjoy your book full of words. So short stories in the book mixed with poems by The Mad Jotter needs copies sold… But this blog is more for freely writing thoughts that start senseless, then become the senses to create a run on of creativity used to invite words to play along with a mind so ready to tag along. As I madly jot words I think I’m inviting the creative mind to elaborate intuitive diction that I can read later and say what state of mind was I in?… I liked that state… Then the realization of writing a blog comes to mind, this current state of mind is being captured and held captive for all to read…

Imagination of large grandeur
Letters are formed
Words created
Sentences structured
Paragraphs indented
Pages filled
Books published


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