It’s been a long day. The driving and the listening to music. The lack of data interrupts my internet radio, I knew I should’ve allowed for offline. The normal radio offers nothing uplifting. I browse through my library of music and frustratingly hit random. A couple skips and Take Off Your Cool plays, traveling at 75 miles an hour everything slows down. The music is met with an embrace; “Baby, take off your cool, I want to see you, I want to see you, baby don’t be so cool, I want to see you.” Fast forward to the hookah lounge, headphones on, internet radio vibing, tablet jotting, and there we have it again Take Off Your Cool plays. By this time I’m faded off the hookah and zoning out to each word. The song ends and I quickly find it in my phone and listen again. The mood is refreshing, it’s challenging, it’s inviting… I don’t want to be so cool, I want to be seen. Andre 3000 and Norah Jones made a great song. Deep music… As I finish listening, I exit the lounge and repeatedly play the song on the way home. After a long day I will take off my cool, so you can get to know me…




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