Open Letter

Hey you, no I’m sorry not you, you can keep reading though, but you the emotional reader, I’m writing this for you…
We write how we think and in those moments, we write from personal experience. But in creative writing you’re taught to create the idea and start from there. The idea of heartbreak is one of the many topics I write about. This does mean I might have felt heartbreak and also delivered heartbreak. The expressions in which I write are often thoughts that through poetry are expressed beautifully. And I’m a good poet, I write good poems. But what intrigues me most is the thought process and the emotional connection to the person, place or thing. How did I find myself here? Where do I go from here? How did this all start? Creativity is used in every piece of my writing. This is how I write every piece of work, emotions expressed to my fullest intent. We read with emotions, we long for a good piece of writing that we can understand, and most importantly feel. Nothing is better than connecting with a writer or a poet. Sitting back and saying they nailed, they see my view. And that is what I hope to capture with my writing. A genuine piece of myself well thought out. While the emotions used to create my work aren’t always my story, I take pride in illustrating the story in a way I choose to see it. My writing is going to be emotional, creative and genius. Follow a journey, explore your range of emotions, and let my words inspire or help create desire. I want to keep writing what you need to read…

Enjoy every post



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