The awkward moment when silence is your worst enemy
As we sit in an awkward silence it’s just us looking carelessly at each other thinking random thoughts of what the other might be thinking
Just minutes of randomness in awkward silence
My mind drifts to news of my dad
My mind drifts to views of my mom
They have just told me how proud they are of their son
This feeling I’m feeling is like Nike having 2/1 specials on Lebrons… (Sneakerheads understand)
My mind floats back to the topic at hand
We sit here in this awkward silence
My inability to articulate this current mood is depressing
Her eyes are searching mine for clues
Drink in hand… No chasing
It’s a complex approach I take to understand the current situation
Silence is golden but this is awkward
I… Hmm… Choose words carefully…
Drink in hand… Sip slowly
She speaks
Awkward …



One thought on “Awkward

  1. I wear ASICS myself… but totally understand the sentiment behind this.

    Sometimes I feel like I would prefer screaming over absolute silence. At least then no one is left to wonder what’s going on.


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