I don’t know what the fuck is going on. Now a writer should know better than to open a piece of writing like this, but clearly this is a blog. So back to the not knowing what is going on. Basically this is the venue to underestimate yourself while persuading others to believe in yourself. And this makes no sense and maybe that’s what’s needed in a setting like this. What the hell is going on? We sat down and talked about the possibly of us. And realizing things in place we talked and talked and talked. Each view canceling each other out. Just back and forth cloudy chatter, mixed with an occasional bad joke. Hold up wait… Laugh… Okay the ice cube is melting. The water is getting warmer still we chatted about views we would like each other to see. Blinded by the passion we still spent hours expressing thoughts of ways we each viewed the world. Hello… Insert joke… Laughter… Levels of frustration not seen, just unclear chatter with hopes of persuading the other. Tips…



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