A Martyrs Present

It was all a dream of things often said, things often done. Choices made and people lost or won. The martyrs usually last the longest, their take on world views often indicate that they might’ve been the hero. Cowards dictate a struggle, while sympathy is the new manipulation. We haven’t freed our minds… Wait. This is a bit much in this rant, let us find some truths, positive motives, and some shocking self revelation. Can we? Pity. Yet empathy is used as a betrayal. We are babies in a cold world, we cater to things that instill power. We magnified toys, ideally things that can not bring us closer to humanity. We are cowards that hide behind a World Wide Web. We complain rather than take action. We see failure as a process. We place blame on others, yet are subjective to things we don’t understand. We can’t hide from our journey. The moments in which we choose to embrace, have to be accepted good or bad. Yet we look for answers. Ways to justify the correct way of thinking. We have institutionalized the process in which we have become human. A break from sanity. A breakdown in which emotions can not be expressed correctly… Let us blame an unfixable past, and prescribe a pill that obtains an unforeseen cure. And present a story that magnifies symptoms cured, and people left depending on what ails them… We have to see the future as a dream destination, and not a passing of time. We have to teach people how to overcome and acknowledge failures and encourage mistakes to be made, while promoting hard work. Seems a bit hard. But as we turn our energy to parenting and the concept of raising a child. We usually see a normal consistency, the more a child learns usually the more responsibility they are equipped with. Rules are used to guide, and discipline is used to educate. Learning is encouraged, and as the child gets older they become less depend. So all that said society knows the pyramid to success, although we deviate from it we know it. We need to free our minds and embrace the concept of growth and not forget humanity in all this technology. We can still return a martyr’s present, by embracing and teaching responsibility…



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