Chemical Puzzles

The chemicals that have killed my relationships are distant but still viewable. The faults in which I let greed take control of desire weighted heavily. The willingness to find want in the arms of what’s new and thinking that old would always be available. Now the lies that bare truth, I’ve missed the journey of happiness. In searching for these moments I’ve passed on those moments. Want was a desire that caused me to miss that. Now I’m here thinking this…
So the chemicals in which I’ve drawn my high off of have faded and the mirror shows a reflection I’ve been hiding from… Self preservation was confused with self deprecation… The faults found in accepting the wrongs in life clouded the right to bare arms, to bare skin… Now I’m here and you’re watching my puzzling expressions, let me not explain… Watch as I piece this puzzle together… Slowly left wondering what’s right… Presently the gift is piecing this puzzle together… Pieces scattered, but it’s going to be a beautiful picture, I lost the box but I’m sure it’s beautiful … Challenged doubt provides epic story lines… Truth is I am trying the best that I can…



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