A Hidden Gem In I

The chatter box is a guest to my ears. As the listener the job is to truly understand what the chatter box is saying. Questions, timing, rebuttals… All in which encourage the chatter box to continue the epic chat. Now the gem in I, agrees with nothing but listens to everything, the questions are subjective. Yet very inquisitive and sometimes counterproductive, the debate style in which I approach the chatter box can be destructive. Caution …
And the thoughts in which processed are often questioned, and that’s where the joy begins.
Caution …
While people question thoughts said, the chatter becomes more productive to me… In which we see a path to travel… The gem in I bores easily… Uses lots of sarcasm and intolerable wit… Plays often, and feels at ease with results…
Caution …
Now let’s see a negative and develop a picture.
A chatter box is a guest to me ears. Speak clearly and the clarity of the message needs to covey belief… With that said. Be very cautious chatter box… IMG_8636.JPG


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