I want

I would like to say I want it all
Said many times by many people who in fact have no idea what they want
So in saying I’d like something small
A journey of growth
French toast with eggs, turkey bacon and a cup of water
While following up with a conversation about small inner personal items
At a diner
At midnight
That’s about the right time to indulge
Let’s vent about politics
Offer tips and tricks
Whisper about waitresses
And offer conclusions about thoughts said
I want
Moments to become this playground in my head
Things said
Things read
Let’s find understanding in points not shared
Let’s revisit the diner right there
And stare at the starless sky and ask why people pay to own stars…
Make me uncomfortable to the point I sweat
Stutter at the utter of self definition
Challenge ones dream
I want
A smoothie that is 2000 calories and takes an hour to drink
A rant about the passive aggressive nonchalant often emotional stubborn brat I tend to be
At a diner
At midnight
One of the finer diners
Conversations about you
Fears included
Wine to toast
I want something small
A conversation that’s all


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