Entry Level

The new entry level is pay less and more demand. The new low is the paycheck and please plan accordingly. The rents due and the food must be bought. The studio apartment is large enough. The college life is over and now the living starts. Drake plays for motivation. Started from the bottom, now I’m here. No more parents house, no more dorm rooms. Internships are over, and now entry level starts. A business degree will mean the world. Interviews start. The interviews are looking good. Back to back interviews. Remind me why it seemed easier in college. Why my part-time check seemed to be bigger. Entry level, is the title. Yes, I will accept this job, granted you were right, my work experience is limited, my internship doesn’t really count, and this is a fortune 500 company. Started from the bottom, where’s that other track, I’m trying to plan a vacation, after I gather my shopping list. Grindin, yea that track. Big plans in one year I’ll be the man on this floor, and I will own middle management. No more customer facing, no more patiently waiting, no more forced overtime, this is the company worthy of me staying. Hold on up wait a minute, my resume rusty, and Rusty my co-worker just quit. Homie got a real job doing, like technical stuff. Shit I don’t know technical stuff. A+, Network+, Security+ I don’t even like any of this shit, but the pay good. And Rusty said they starting from the middle… But the rents due, and the vacations plan, and the comfort level sets in… What can be done? Chase the money and the dream? With all this in hand experience ideas are gathered. Chasing the dream, turns into finding a niche, the consultants brand is built. The understanding of how a fortune 500 company works, the resume turns into a business plan, and those customer’s once hated become opportunity. Now you started from the… And now you’re… Grindin… You never lost your hustle…

Back to the New Hire Day One:

The job title is a nice fit

The company wants you to understand your role

The ground is low and you hear the war stories of the vets

How time is spent and they made a career of it

The newbies are excited

Harvard is easier to get into than this place

-If you went to Harvard you would not be working here-

The Afterthought of it all…



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