Sneaker Haven

It’s been a while since you’ve spotted me dawning kicks with a ridiculous price tag. And rightful so. The shoe game is watered down. And Nike seems to own the market share 99 percent. The odd shoes finds are gone and the thrill of the chase is dying. General releases aren’t worthy. And standing in lines for Jordan’s is not going to happen. The sneaker haven isn’t in the closets of resellers. It’s actually those sneaker heads that actually but the sneaker for a purpose. Back in the day when sneakers sat on shelves with no one noticing. And whole outfits were bought just wear that one sneaker, once a week. Sneaker havens were crafted. The OG sneaker heads only exposed their sneaker collections to other sneaker heads. The sneaker haven isn’t the same today. Only to complain, but understand with more technology comes more exposure. It’s getting harder to find that one pair you searched for in outlets, in Finishline, in footlocker, in jimmy jazz, in shoe palace, in champs, in footaction and the list goes on… Now the sneaker haven is in the hands of a photo, a custom shoe, a sneaker connect. The love isn’t lost, it’s just bitter right now. The search to create your haven isn’t the same, forced to adapt, we complain, and reminisce and how it was… While you won’t see me dawning kicks with a ridiculous price tag, you will hopefully understand I’m still searching for my sneaker haven… Rightful so…



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