They Say I

Still act like a child
Still not seeing the ramifications of what I do Still not understanding what I’m doing
Still gratuitous like Halloween
Still thankless like Black Friday
Still excuses and excuses
Still selfish without cause
Still cautious with all thought
Still holding on to what I want to let go
Still letting go of what I want to keep
Still ramifying thoughts on…
Still feeling the repercussions of…
Still residual effects of…
Still relapsing on…
Still faded
Still passed out
Still forgive and forget
Still scared to accept
Still judging
Still playful
Still smiling
Still chasing a dream
Still detaching
Still toxic
Still emotional
Still reading the room
Still forgetful
Still nonchalant
Still bored in meetings
Still sweating in meetings
Still loud under pressure
Still shy
Still curious
Still growing
Still happy
Still trying
Still act like a child



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