The creator of your life is in many ways you.
We each have moments in which we raise above the troubles of our past and consider failing is the best path to success.
Many times, often, we wonder how lucky we would be if we were the lucky person we envy.
Ideally we look to create a better mindset.
We work harder to become a champion of endurance.
While some still envy and choose to stay entrenched in their own self loathing.
They fail to realize the followers they’ve encouraged along the way.
Cycles repeat when deemed necessary…
A better mindset isn’t normal
It’s often never encouraged
Positivity doesn’t generate, the same passion as negativity.
Good news spreads slower than bad news.
Soon we see oaths made to be great
Leaders that carry potential
Promises of better days
Chances we take
Provide risks that could
And with that fear we should
Conquer our lives
And the craziness of this all resides in our minds
Our genius ability to create reality from dreams.
We create it
Why the rich get richer…
Why the middle class get segregated into the upper-middle-class and the lower middle-class.
Why the poor get poorer…
Reality isn’t competent
Contempt creates voids
Struggles with internal emotion are seen and misunderstood.
But creating a better mindset changes your fictional reality
Self-motivation isn’t enough
Peer feedback sometimes is corrupt
But both are needed to show us paths we must choose to follow or stay away from
The creator of your life is in many ways you.



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