Finding Sanity

Right before I write I feel like a rapper who can’t write. Just lost in the mind full of words and this happens.
I spit bars that are often labeled wack. But the journey isn’t to magically write some super dope shit. The words flowing usually equate to something bigger, much greater than …
Anything I’m trying to master…
As writers we usually find peace in insane ideals. The poet stuck in a moment. Then the poem comes out deeper then the thoughts taken to master the wording. The awe of this mastery is taken as a grant, that’s easy to profess, but hard to confess that wording and timing are…
A couple that sometimes, quite often don’t get along. But when they do… We benefit…
The blogs are usually spaces in which dreams are sketched out, improv is highly encouraged. Often the readers we attract are our biggest fans. Because they understand the mindset in which we expect to excel.

I thought
I thought
A thought
Often thought
By many
But I thought
I thought
A thought
That often is thought
By thinkers that thought
They thought
Your thought
Our thought
I thought



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