Dear Dater Or Reader

Self titled something you’d need to read cause you can be some idiots. Dating the right person isn’t going to just happen based on books you read or seminars you attend. It starts with you. The basics of any dynamic start with you. Whether you get out of a long relationship or you just started dating, finding your inner peace will dictate longevity. While accepting your faults will my make aware of what you dislike. Learn to accept the good in past relationships. Like: what kept you with that person? Granted not every relationship is worthy of reminiscing, but there was a connection. Try to explain that connection. Ideally learning to find answers within yourself not searching for others to answer is key to growth. You will not fix my problems nor will I fix yours, but together we will tackle new problems while managing our own. Obtain the bigger picture within yourself before sight-seeing. Know the difference between contempt and supporting each other… And finally don’t be stupid… If it doesn’t feel right address the concerns… Be selfish… You’re too important to be unhappy…



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