Hello Potential It’s Never A Pleasure

Knowing what I know now. You’d be remits if I told you less. It’s a rant thing. Sense can often be pecuniary, depending on the volume at which it’s read.
Most of the time others see potential in us. And at some point in your life that word potential is a nice way of saying no you didn’t make it. It used to be an endearing word, offering a glimpse of greatness which the world has yet to see. And it always left us feeling like I’m going to be great one day. Then it occurred to me that you only hear that word potential when someone is telling you bad news. Well, you have great potential but at this time… This job went to a more deserving candidate. That rejection letter is suppose to make you feel better about losing, because unlike that deserving candidate, you have potential. No new job title, no new salary but you have potential to bank on later down the line. And you don’t feel so bad… Why not though? You should feel insulted. You should ask; what the hell are they talking about? In the words of Kevin Hart, help me. Help me see what you see. A lot of people struggle with the concept of demanding more from self. You’re selling yourself every day. It’s something we do daily, realizing it or not, we sell our brand. The way we dress, a job title, a car, a house, the neighborhood we live in, whom educated us; we sell our brand daily. How can some not understand that? How can your potential now be valued later? A lotto player often says be patient your time will come. Patience and stupidity are cousins, no better yet they are twins. Can you tell the difference? You have to know which is which. Companies hire the best available option. Does your brand fit their wants? Yes, hired. If not then the classic rejection letter. How does one overcome such defeat? Most importantly how does one become valued? Well we have two things, go back to the company model and figure out what was missed, feedback questionnaire. Or what talents can I offer other companies, why can’t I be the brand they hire? … Potential means not good enough… What are you doing to get noticed?


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