Emotional Allure

Let’s start off with emotional stability. Okay maybe not… Something a long the lines of emotional fortitude. No that doesn’t sound right… I can’t even express the emotional connection I’m not having with this moment. Back track, what is causing this insomnia? The simplicity to answer questions I can’t find. The allure of the night being so peaceful in my unrest… Simply noted it can’t be the emotional distress in my mind views.
Less attachments.
More distractions.
More toys in view.
This disdain, discomfort, dislike for this emotional imbalance has got me up mocking this desire to sleep… Sin defends my inability to connect with this emotional allure. The fate of the day rests upon this night, should I date sleep with this emotional burden wandering in my minds view. Will the night marly transform to day and cast this emotional carelessness away. I doubt this whole array… A yawn expresses desire gaining, slowly my eyes fadeaway…


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