All in about the killing of black men. The honesty behind is cold hard facts. We are subjects of our own environment. Shot dead left for hours lifeless. Choked to death. Shots fired. We aren’t feared, we are hunted. Please don’t shoot. Cries for mercy from flesh and blood are we not human, that was once considered property? But freed, we are human. Yet we are profiled and hunted like animals. While some find forgiveness in offering explanations for such injustices. It’s murder. It’s wrong. Doesn’t mean we take it out on all. But we honestly don’t know who to trust and who to fear. They make the same claim. But we can’t paint ourselves in a better light. When media outlets look for crimes committed by blacks. The differences between the white collar crimes and the street crimes are mere words. Is my skin color is objective to harsher treatment? So in fear we live and watch as our people get shot, get arrested. And what we are taught is run to education. Once you’re in that system stay focused and become something. Brainwashed on how to serve corporations. Meanwhile the hoods across America are filled with our mix or good and bad people. Often left uneducated, taught to not trust government, but have to depend on them, our hoods are targeted. We ask how can this turn for the better? How do we become valued? As a black president in office, still we see the levels of racism against him. And we really thought change would come… America knows justice is blind. And whoever has a better argument wins… The less educated fail to raise… We need more people to be aware… We need more blacks to embrace who we are… We have to help each other since we kill each other, and they kill us. We have to change a mindset and help raise above these weak minded socialistic values… We stand here as one #Ferguson … We have a problem… We need answers…


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