Write About It

Nothing comes to mind and we keep thinking about the thoughts in which we think. And we stop just to think about stuff. While I think about stuff, writing comes to mind. My mind explores the places in which people fail to teach, or even reach. I am having to become something great inside of this greatness, inside of myself. I find hollow grounds… I talk and let my mind wander, people tend to stop me and ask me to focus… Focus on what?… The words out of your mouth, the words you want my eyes to read. What am I focusing on? I stop listening, reading and start wandering again. Getting lost in my mindless wandering… Thinking and thinking about writing… Writing about thoughts that come to mind. My mind you’ll find yourself reading my wandering mind adjusting and know it’s the writing you read not my mind. Run on with thoughts of yours and enjoy the written thoughts of mine, it’s my mind wandering… I just want to write and write and write. No topic at hand, just topics at hand… Just write until the feeling is right… Or a feeling is felt… No rights just write and write and write and write. To relax and release and write about all rights and wrongs and writes… I’d write about it… 20140724-093340-34420423.jpg


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