Played To A Pause

As I start putting this playlist together a song catches my attention. And with that said the rant starts, as I replay the song; Two Weeks by FKA twigs. Thoughts go through my head like what the fuck is she talking about. Then re-listening I realize this isn’t about what I thought it wasn’t about. It is?!?… Something sexual, but more like passionate sexuality, displaying art through music. Finding deeper meanings through the art of music. I want to explore this musical genre. The beat sets the mood, the words allow you to cross out your doubting. On repeat you find the melody allows your mind to become open. The Pandora’s box in your mind wanders, asked to let it wander we realize that this art form can be displayed. It is a gallery that is begging for a showing. What am I looking to obtain in this sexual conquest of her body? What answers will I find out about myself? This rebuilding of this playlist isn’t about the ability to understand the sexual art of music. It’s to become the artist and allow the canvas to remain blank. Then explore the options, every option. The answers aren’t going to be questioned…
We will be drained…
The words are actions…
Played to a pause…



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