Free Write: Opportunity

Upon listening to my life coach explain: when opportunity knocks you answer. I asked are you including or excluding people? Are people opportunities too? Of course they are. Now the wording is going to get tricky because we don’t like being taken advantage of. But why? It’s the principal of the matter. We are special, we take advantage of opportunity. And opportunity is reasoning with ourselves that we deserve the objective at hand. Nothing will stand in our way. With that mindset people are excluded, so guilt isn’t felt. The objective at hand is simply opportunity.

“The opportunity presented itself and we took advantage it. Better luck next time.”

It’s all in the wording. Nobody is effected because we compete daily. We take advantage of other peoples weaknesses. Our desires often supersede others emotions. Granted we are taking advantage of them. Re-worded; we are taking advantage of opportunity. Is this wrong? Morally maybe, but in reality no. It’s reclassified as opportunity, your weakness is an opportunity for somebody else. Let’s reclassify weakness. You are special to somebody else. You are their opportunity. We often fail to understand that. We can get emotional and feel that certain people are taking advantage of us. This is what you allow. Our mindset also needs to change, daily we take advantage of opportunity. Whether going to school or work, we provide ourselves with logic that we have to take advantage our resources. A tutor at school, a manager at work, we want something from them. They have our opportunity, we want it, we take it… When seen in this light we should understand when opportunity knocks we answer. And sometimes you’re opportunity…



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