Inconvenient truth

The truth of the matter is we hate conservatives for all the wrong reasons. What America was built on is freedom of speech. We might not like what they have to say but we need things to be said. With that said something scary is happening, we censoring conservatives. We are doing it in the worst way possible, we don’t want them to have a voice. A couple colleges have held protests, staff and students, banning conservatives from speaking. We all want to hear a soft message on how we all can make it. But in this day and age what conservatives offer is a different point of view. America is a business and how you survive is based on what and who you know. Scaring people off based on values isn’t going to make America better off. It will repress those ideals we were founded on. Bigger picture here is it make us less likely to question things. Less likely to form an educated opinion. More likely to follow a trend.
These conservatives we cast away are the ones in high power. Keeping people on a one track mind isn’t going to fair well in the real world. Understanding the difference between bigotry and conservatives is now a blurry line. Conservatives understand the business. Bigots they’re just fucking idiots. Old money is passed down and core values are still kept. Example: Blockbuster was a giant granted they rented movies. The times changes and their late fees were ridiculous. Netflix comes along basically kills Blockbuster because of a new idea that streamlined the process of renting videos, with no ridiculous late fees. How does this tie in to killing the voice of the conservatives? Conservatives believe in free enterprise and capitalism. We are taught this in school, but we now don’t want conservative speaking in public forms, why? Kill or be killed still is human nature why repress the voice? Why allow it to be easier to conform to one idea? We have to find our own way. Each person deserves a chance to hear somebody of great importance, speak about their passion.
Conservatives are being censored and places that they shouldn’t be. The public needs to know all sides of the story. What you don’t know will hurt you. Conservatives offer a different point of view. They actually say what they feel. They go against the new norm. They have and should have a bigger voice. They say things like, America is getting soft. They speak out at rally’s. They are the easier to make fun of. But the truth is they are right. Conservatives believe in their values, they don’t let a trend change their points of view. Conservatives are what America was built on, it’s the truth.
In this new modern America, if we don’t agree with what you’re saying we stop listening. It’s choice. But lately it’s becoming censored. We aren’t paying attention to core values we were raised to believe. We are siding with the phrase “new studies show that” instead of doing our own research. We are following the popular crowd instead of finding true meaning in within ourselves. We blame conservatives for old thinking, but I ask what has new thinking done? Why do we choose to censor some and let others speak? Isn’t it to be popular? To take the easy way out? To stop certain people from speaking their mind. The less we allow conservatives to speak their mind, the more repression. The social stereotypes won’t go away. It will be kept in house. A select group will be tasked to uphold their values. And smile in your face.

“Your killer wears a smile and slowly kills you, you foolish men”

We can’t allow a popular choice blind us as Americans. Granted I feel Fox News is a bunch of idiots I still see valid points they get across. Did my
Minority readers stop reading? Probably. But things have got to be said. We are in America where a dream is bigger than your point of view… The inconvenient truth is that what works for them might not work for others. So let us hear what others have to say…




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