I stand here looking out the window asking the nurse to play,
Missing You- Case. Begging her to keep it on repeat as I lip-synch away. Laughter ensues as I was focused on standing here looking out the window. The moment passes. The smiles settle, we might not want to remind ourselves of why we are here. But it’s known, each other of us running from something. And this is the place where we find help healing. Families visit but seem to give off a sad vibe. A fake cheerful spirit, it provides small hope for some, others don’t want to be reminded. Is it sad? Or is it life? They don’t need saving just understanding, a listening ear, a life coach. Patience like a parent, a nurtured want, somethings missing; deep understanding of self love. It’s somewhat crazy to think life is timeless… The medicine helps evade emotion and that can be helpful. Or is it more harmful? Answers to questions never asked, somebody holds the key, but who if not me? This might be a crazy dream repeated over and over. Life isn’t timeless…



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