Cliff Hanger…

We are just looking for better in this world that wants the best. Let’s focus on topics for a moment. A topic or many topics? A specific topic or several topics? Something to jog the brain and make good of this senseless; better myself for best chatter…
Intelligence is something that is judged. Learned, applied and judged. What makes us better?
What causes growth?
How are many left longing for want?
Needing to process the learned behaviors or my social enigma. I sat in my lawyers office and read the plagues on his wall. The many books of law he’s read or pretended to read. The questionnaire reads education of the defendant, education of the plaintiff. This struck me as odd but then I read more. The more education one has greatly shifts, a more favorable ruling. The law enjoys being known. The less you know the more trouble you get in…

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