Bottled Up

Caged or padded room… Something about this is getting a bit scary… Doctor checks in and says you’re a lucky man… Alcohol, red bull, NyQuil… 24 hours… Asking myself how naive one can be? How careless I can be? We all have moments… I’ve had mine. Thinking the phone is fully charged with missed calls, emails, text messages. All saying the same thing… Where are you?!? Annoyed with my lack of a response, they overreact thinking the worst happened… Just a drive to the local hospital and a self check in… A sit down an explanation of what I’ve done… The honesty, the logic… The tests and the test. The treatments offered… The cold bed… The room alone… The therapist called, no family notified… My eyes heavy! Scared to sleep. Needles involved… My mind wanders… The verdict: he tried to die… Depressed lately?!?!… Can I talk? Can I say what happened? You’ve stated your story, sir… They see a cry for help… You’re in here for awhile, buddy… Forced vacation… Read more… Bottled Up…



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