Social Media Runs The World

Welcome to the stage where technology is king, and you’re the middle man. We have advanced into the social media generation. Everything we do is built around social media. The followers, the likes, the posts, everything is driven by social media. The stage is set for us to give to the world our life stories.
While most stories suck, some gain popular status based on comedy and drama. What can you do to entertain me? Well, I can tell you a six second joke. Okay, I’ll watch for a minute. How about a clip of a fight? You got knocked the hell out, WORLDSTAR… We are insta-famous, have to keep up appearances. The jokes, the followers, the drama, more followers, we are scripting our lives for social media. Hold up, hold my phone, take a picture of me. Everything has become a picture, every moment a document for the world to view. Our moments in the sun, the great days, and the lonely days. Quickly I need lighting, Nikon camera and a cameraman, well no cameraman then I”ll use my phone with video recording apps. I’m about to be Vine, Instagram famous watch this.
The selfie generation, your ideas mixed and remixed, videos everywhere. Information about ourselves on other peoples desktop, laptops, tablets and phones. But send those same people spam and they are outraged that companies or people would use their information against their will. We are so lost in ourselves that we don’t know anything, youtube was the stage the captured our minds. Now Instagram and Vine help the cycle. Those stages fuel the need to express ourselves, daily, hourly, secondly. And if you don’t like somebody you should tell them on twitter, cause face two face would be to awkward. Eye to eye contact would mean you’re a coward. Keep your distance in that social media war. Only the foolish fight, just to obtain that WORLDSTAR moment. The brave tweet, they might tweet right at you, but most are subliminal. They follow you on Instagram, just to view your posts. They aren’t spying just observing, you are openly posting you life story.
Technology is running America, Social Media has a voice, we aren’t concerned about privacy. Well, unless it gets into the wrong hands. Who, what, how, why? We will keep posting things people don’t really need to know, and be mad that the government is allowing companies to collect data on us. We want to give everything of ourselves with rights to edit. It doesn’t work like that, you’re not free, you’re dumb to think so. Your freedom will cost you, how much will you make off it, not a dime if you keep giving away your mind…


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