Open Your Eyes

“I see you, in a lonely place

How can you be so blind

You’re still regretting the love you left, left behind”

Bobby Caldwell

Open Your Eyes

It’s all mental and the thing of it is, it’s all mental. Some do a great job at moving on, while others get stuck in the “what if” moments of life. Either way time doesn’t allow us to stay stuck. You move on, whether you notice it or not. Your mental status is the only thing keeping you from a life beyond, that moment. We create phobias to scare us or the people we care about out of our lives. We look for different answers, knowing the right answer is in front of us. The insanity of it is, it slowly becomes our everyday. It’s accepted by our loved ones, and talked about behind our backs. Viewing those that share the truth as haters, pushing them away to gain that feeling of hopelessness back. Time is all you have and each moment wasted thinking about moments before can ruin your now moments. Life is right here, looking you in the face. Asking you to embrace change, begging you to feel blessed. While these nightmares might torment you… You’ll wake up and realize…

“There are times, when you’ll need someone

I will be by your side

I’ll take my chances before they pass me by” 

Bobby Caldwell

Open Your Eyes



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