Back Two Reality

We love each other.
Although I hate many things about her. Things that others would love. Just thinking about being with her drives me crazy.
I hate that.
The idea of marriage is a curse. So we agree on commitment… And my failure to commit is called into question. I’ll explain I just don’t like you.
I love you.
I need you.
I hate that.
Let’s wander. She knows my attention span is short. She sees my goals as distractions.
We argue. The passion is there, I express myself.
She let’s me know I’m wanted.
She loves me.
She needs me.
I hate that.
Her cold feet my warm legs.
I’ll sleep next to her and let my mind wander… I love everything they hate about her. Everything she doesn’t notice. The laugh, the anger, the determination. She makes me better.
I love her.
I need her.
I hate that.
Incomplete thoughts travel in a lost mind…
We love each other.
I love us…
You hate that.



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