Rant 101 healthcare


I have no idea what I am about to embark on but I shall write about everything I feel I know. Healthcare I have a crush on you. You’re a high priced hoe that everybody wants you to be affordable. But they don’t know that ignorance is bliss and with that being said healthcare you are the best con we ever. Everything is a contradiction. You’re better off dead than alive. We will miss you. Wait we can save this person, just need to see what healthcare plan they have before we diagnose. Hospitals are evil and partnered with healthcare, how much can they get from us? We want healthcare and want everybody to be covered the same. I’ll pay five dollars for my premium healthcare plan, while you pay one dollar for the same premium healthcare plan. That is fair! Why? I don’t make as much money as you. I shouldn’t be treated any differently. Well the have-nots say it’s fair. The haves say it’s not fair. Which side is right? It depends on which angle looking. If you have a great job chances are you have no idea what Obamacare is. Since I know somebody who doesn’t have healthcare and they are sick they can stay alive longer if they had premium healthcare. Dear, healthcare I need you, how much for one night? Can you please treat me no different than the rich? This is all I have. I want to live… Hospitals, fear, death, … Take the commas out. A dead body makes no money. Keep the commas in and you’ve created a scare tactic guaranteed to make you millions. Can you put a price on health? Should healthcare be affordable for everybody? Healthcare should be like car insurance, you pay for what you can afford. The huge problem is everybody can’t afford full coverage. Most drivers have basic coverage for car insurance. Which means healthcare shouldn’t be like car insurance, everybody should have affordable full coverage. How is this possible when people get sick, they become ill, they become a liability.

Ps. health insurance companies have the right to drop you at anytime, for any reason.

Let’s not forget healthcare is a big business. So why would they make it easier for the sick, usually poor, people to afford premium healthcare? Why would they want you to prolong your live, you’re the liability costing them money. Even with obamacare, if you are sick you’re still screwed. You’re not getting full coverage unless you pay for it. It all comes down to where you are on the food chain.
Insurance companies are making a killing. How is this possible in this day and age? How much pull do insurance companies have? Think about it like this what do you insure; everything from our phones, cars, homes and body parts. If nothing happens to you or your stuff it’s free money lost. If something does happen to you, you’re responsible for the deductible. Just to file a claim and it be investigated. Just to be told your rates will go up after the claim is been processed. Everybody’s deductible is effected if you become terminally ill. This just in case scared mentality is the reason why we can’t afford healthcare. Insurance is the best scam ever invented. You’re blessed if you’re healthy and you’ll be lucky if you find a good insurance company if you have family history… The insurance companies make money daily. The government is full of congressman and Senators whom are paid by insurance companies not to make healthcare affordable.

They are called Lobbyists, do some research

Healthcare is not designed for everybody… Hospitals aren’t designed to save you… Fear of health is the leading cause of panic… Let’s debate…

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