Job security

Who’s job is more important? This is a great debate that I just had with a good friend. Unbeknownst to him I win hands down. I asked since you’re a teacher and I’m a technical consultant, who’s job is more important?
He laughed and stated that’s not up for debate. My job is more important. And I asked why? He stated that the children are the future and teaching them goes a long way. Without education the world is chaos. But the question was who’s job is more important, not what mother Theresa effect you’d have on the world. Puzzled he looked at me and said okay mister who’s job is more important, yours or mine.
Well first of all your teaching job can taught by home schooling parents. Your math subjects don’t refer to you after 8th grade, your job isn’t protected. You aren’t guaranteed a raise. You work for the people you’re a do-gooder collecting a paycheck. Yes I did I said it… Knowing that I’m probably wrong, I don’t give him a chance to think…
My job is more important to your well being. When you visit a hospital you don’t think about what the technical consultant is doing. You don’t even know I exist. You don’t even know what I do. You expect your doctor and nurse to take care of you. You expect your copay to pay their part and you pay yours. You don’t know why you need me. But you do know that you don’t want your doctor worrying about medical reporting coming to his iPad. You don’t want him working on a computer reboot when he should be working on you.
Who can do my job anybody worthy of getting certificated. Who can do your job, a stay at home parent. You’re health is more important than education. You can leave a lesson plan for a substitute teacher. But for the tech world we have a redundancy. Nothing that I rambled off to him made sense… But he was shocked… He agrees with disbelief… He says you, your job isn’t that important. I say I can do you job, you can’t do mine. The red tape; they’d trust me with kids before they’d trust you with medical supplies. Think about… Your health care is more important than anything else. People expect hospitals to work with no hiccups, be open 24/7. Schools get weather delays, spring breaks, summer vacations… Teachers are important but not like technical consultants… It’s a chat if like to say I will enjoy revisiting… The research homie is about to do was worthy of the debate…



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